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on large technology contracts

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Deal IQ helps to get the most out of your vendor contracts by leveraging our expert negotiations services.

Regardless of your organizations size – we are here to help. Our model is contingent on us being successful. If there are NO SAVINGS there is NO COST TO YOU

Why Deal IQ

Today’s business landscape is busier than ever before. Organizations are seeking better visibility to their spend, but rarely have the required time, resources, or critical vendor insights to fully analyze the details and negotiate the best possible deals without help. Deal IQ produces impressive results for our clients by reducing spend that can be reallocated to other strategic priorities.

Our Services

Each of our services leverages our sales and negotiation expertise combined with our in-depth experience with the software and services you need. Since the majority of our services are based on the savings we are able to negotiate or find on your behalf, NO SAVINGS = NO COST TO YOU.

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Our Company

At Deal IQ, our people make the difference in determining the quality of our negotiations and the services we provide.

Our in-house experts have led the sales organizations of a variety of technology companies and trained their sales forces how to sell and negotiate. Due to this, we have unique insights into the pricing practices of all technology providers and first-hand knowledge of the selling skills, processes and tools used by vendors during their negotiation process.

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We have had the privilege of working with some of the globe’s largest organizations – finding significant cost savings and pairing them with the right vendors for their specific business needs.