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Strategically Tailored Negotiation for Your Software & Service Needs

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Contract Negotiations

Our 83% success rate in exceeding the “Best and Final” offer delivers 20-40% savings on new services and 10-20% on renewals.

Our Process

  • Initial Analysis: Complimentary analysis after vendor and key term agreement.
  • Negotiation Strategy: Collaborative strategy for maximized savings.
  • Negotiation Execution: Deal IQ leads or discreetly guides negotiations.
  • Cost Savings & Payment: Compensation linked to client’s saved percentage.

Real-Time Benchmarking

Navigating the complexities of vendor pricing? Deal IQ’s Real-Time Benchmarking combines historical data with insider expertise, offering a tailored view of pricing fairness and vendor-specific negotiation tactics.

Our Process

  • Evaluate Needs: Thoroughly assess technical and commercial terms.
  • Custom Report: Using insider insights, Deal IQ develops a detailed negotiation guide. Fee applies.
  • Vendor Negotiation: Empowered by our benchmarking, clients can adeptly negotiate, often finalizing within 2-8 days.
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RFP Managment

At Deal IQ, we transform the RFP process into a seamless experience for successful vendor procurement or refining current partnerships. Our efficient, results-driven approach simplifies every step.

Our Process

  • Intake Analysis: Delving into functionality and budget needs.
  • RFP Development: Providing a detailed RFP outlining all technical and business requirements.
  • RFP Publishing: Post client approval, Deal IQ suggests vendors, releases the RFP, and handles initial vendor interactions.
  • Vendor Comparison Analysis: With our pre-set ranking criteria, we deliver a comprehensive vendor analysis to inform the client’s choice.

Licensing Optimization

When facing complex licensing challenges Deal IQ’s experts will work hand-in-hand with clients to streamline costs, maximizing functionality at the optimal price point.

Our Process

  • Needs Assessment: Understanding key activities and essential licenses, stress-testing the bill of materials, and designing optimized licensing scenarios with advanced tools.
  • Strategy: Formulating a discount strategy for the bill of sale.
  • Negotiation: Providing clients with accurate negotiation data to secure the desired licensing and cost structure.
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Important information delivered by the CEO herself

Audit Defense

Software audits shouldn’t result in staggering bills. Our experts ensure equitable outcomes through strategic negotiation, beginning with rigorous validation of licensing usage data.

Our Process

  • Data Validation: Assisting from the audit’s outset, we compile essential data to verify licensing usage.
  • Strategic Development: Formulating a strategy for equitable pricing, challenging vendors’ usual approach of leveraging audits for new sales.
  • Vendor Management: Communicating fair pricing expectations to vendors to secure positive outcomes.

Telecom Audit & Optimization​

Many companies encounter billing errors in their telecom statements, which can result in substantial financial drains. Our dedicated team meticulously reviews every bill from the past 2 to 3 years, recovering significant savings for our clients.

Our Process

  • Historical Review: examine every bill from every carrier in your recent history.
  • Recover Savings: Identifying errors, we champion refunds or credits from carriers. 
  • Ongoing Accuracy: Ensure consistent accurate billing with Deal IQ’s persistent Telecom Expense Management service.

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