Our Services

Each of our services leverages our sales and negotiation expertise combined with our in-depth experience with the software and services you need.Since the majority of our services are based on the savings we are able to negotiate or find on your behalf, NO SAVINGS = NO COST TO YOU.

Contract Negotiation​

A “Best and Final Offer” can almost always be improved. In fact, Deal IQ has an 83% success rate in securing further savings from the Best and Final. Clients can expect a 20 – 40% savings on new services, and 10 – 20% savings on renewals.

The Process

Step 1: Once the client has chosen a vendor that they wish to retain, and settled on the key service terms of the contract, Deal IQ conducts an initial analysis free of charge.

Step 2: Working together with the client, Deal IQ develops a negotiation strategy to produce further cost savings and increased service offering.

Step 3: Per the strategy, Deal IQ either conducts the entire negotiation on the client’s behalf, or acts as a silent consultant to guide the client through the negotiation.

Step 4: The client receives a further reduction from the Best and Final, and Deal IQ receives payment based on the percentage of savings. The entire process generally takes between 1 and 5 business days.

Let Us Help You Get the Very Best Price for Your Technology Solution.

Clients Can Expect

Expert knowledge and advice  |  Skilled negotiators willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the desired result  |  Significant cost savings

Real-Time Benchmarking

The point at which a client retains the services of a new vendor is a high-risk milestone. Many vendors implement annual recurring fees tied to the initial purchase price of a product or service. If the initial purchase price is high, the client risks continuing to over-pay for several years to come.
Deal IQ’s Real-Time Benchmarking services combine the information from our historical database with the knowledge of inside experts, resulting in an in-depth understanding of not only the pricing fairness, but also the discounting practices and negotiation tactics of the specific vendor.

The Process

Step 1: Deal IQ gains an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs, including key technical and commercial terms of the deal.

Step 2: Deal IQ combines insider knowledge with details from our historical market database to produce a custom written report regarding the status of the current offer. Deal IQ receives a fee for service.

Step 3: Armed with increased knowledge, the client can choose to further negotiate pricing with their chosen vendor. The Real-Time Benchmarking process generally takes between 2 and 8 days to complete.

Let us get you the information you need to make the best pricing decision for your business.

Clients Can Expect

 Unique insider knowledge  |  Detailed historical information  |  Sound advice from industry experts

RFP Management

Creating and administering an RFP is an arduous process. To facilitate the successful procurement of a new vendor (or even increase the effectiveness of an incumbent’s offering), a great deal of time and expert knowledge is necessary. Deal IQ’s best-in-class approach to RFP creation is efficient and results-oriented.

The Process

Step 1: Deal IQ conducts an intake analysis, gaining in-depth knowledge of functionality and budgetary factors being sought in the RFP.

Step 2: Deal IQ develops an RFP that clearly defines all technical and business requirements.

Step 3: Deal IQ suggests vendors to be introduced to the RFP process. In conjunction with the client’s requests, the RFP is published, and Deal IQ handles all contact with vendors during those hectic initial stages.

Step 4: Once all vendors have submitted their proposals, Deal IQ compiles a single view comparison of all vendors, set against a list of pre-determined ranking criteria, and assists the client in arriving at a final and negotiated vendor choice. Deal IQ receives a pre-determined fee for service and negotiation. The process takes between 8 and 12 weeks to complete.

We’ll help you find the right vendors for your business. Start your rfp process today.

Clients Can Expect

Easy, seamless process  |  Expert advice resulting in the right vendors being introduced from the beginning  |  Detailed RFP that clearly communicates expectations up front  |  The lowest commercially available cost for the solution

Licensing Optimization

Licensing models are tremendously complex. There are several different ways to purchase the same functionality, and it is not in the interest of the software provider to point out opportunities for cost savings. Deal IQ’s licensing experts collaborate with the client to reduce licensing costs for maximum functionality at the lowest price.

The Process

Step 1: Deal IQ speaks with the client’s team to determine the key activities and number of licenses necessary and uses this information to stress test the bill of materials. We leverage a set of tools, including a scan of current deployed licensing, and create a comparison to use-case by user type to arrive at an optimized stance on licensing

Step 2: Deal IQ harnesses the knowledge of insider experts to develop a strategy for discounting the bill of sale.

Step 3: The Client approaches their vendor, armed with accurate information about their desired licensing and cost structure and begins negotiation. Deal IQ receives a fee based on the dollar amount saved. The process usually takes anywhere from a few hours to 3 weeks to complete.

Let us help you get more for less.

Clients Can Expect

Expert knowledge regarding your preferred vendor’s licensing models  |  In-depth industry knowledge  |  Detail-oriented strategic advice.

Audit Defense

Software companies will frequently audit their clients to ensure that they are compliant with licensing agreements. These audits result in unexpected bills ranging from hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars owed. Deal IQ’s expert team assists clients through this process with negotiation and defense, ensuring that the final number is reasonable and fair.

The Process

Step 1: Deal IQ assists from the beginning of the audit process, beginning by locating the necessary data to prove the facts of the licensing usage.

Step 2: Deal IQ creates a strategy for fair and accurate pricing. Many clients are unaware that software companies commonly use licensing audits as a “Trojan Horse” for new sales. Deal IQ’s strategy takes this expert knowledge into account, calling the vendor’s “bluff”.

Step 3: Deal IQ communicates expectations to the vendor, presenting a fair price for what the client is willing to pay; ultimately resulting in a more favourable outcome for the client. Deal IQ receives a fee based on the percentage saved. The process is completed in 1 to 4 weeks.

Don’t get caught unprepared for a licensing audit. We’ll ensure you don’t pay more than necessary.

Clients Can Expect

Expert knowledge on your vendor’s unique audit processes  |  Skilled negotiation  |  Impressive cost savings

Telecom Audit & Optimization

Many organizations are unaware of the vast number of errors commonly included on monthly enterprise telecom bills. To this day, billings systems remain largely manual and paper-based, and therefore heavily error-prone. Unfortunately, the time necessary to identify these errors over years of bills is often prohibitive. By outsourcing this task, clients frequently recover hundreds of thousands of dollars that would have otherwise been lost to telecom billing.

The Process

Step 1: Deal IQ assigns a dedicated team to scrutinize each and every bill, from every carrier, over the client’s past 2 to 3-year history.

Step 2: Once errors have been identified, Deal IQ provides a detailed analysis to be supplied to the carriers and will advocate on behalf of, and together with, our client to receive a refund or credit to be applied to future carrier invoicing. Deal IQ receives a fee from the dollar amount recovered. The entire process usually takes between 2 to 9 months to complete.

Step 3: Moving forward, the Deal IQ team can be procured to continue Telecom Expense Management on behalf of the client, ensuring accurate billing for years to come.

It’s time to let us help you find the savings and efficiencies your business deserves from your telecom providers.

Clients Can Expect

Detailed, methodical analysis of voluminous telecom invoicing over multiple years, both electronic and paper-based  |  Willingness to analyze multiple carriers  |  Expert information for further negotiation