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Contract Negotiations

Our track record speaks for itself, boasting an 83% success rate in achieving additional savings beyond the “Best and Final” offer. Clients can anticipate impressive savings of 20-40% on new services and 10-20% on renewals.

Our Process

  • Initial Analysis: Once the client selects a vendor and agrees on key service terms, we conduct a free analysis.
  • Negotiation Strategy: We collaborate to develop a strategy for more savings and enhanced services.
  • Negotiation Execution: Deal IQ conducts negotiations or provides silent guidance to the client.
  • Cost Savings & Payment: Clients secure additional reductions, and Deal IQ is paid based on the saved percentage.

Real-Time Benchmarking

When clients choose new vendors, they face potential risks due to long-term recurring fees tied to initial purchase prices. Deal IQ’s Real-Time Benchmarking service mitigates these risks by merging historical data with insider knowledge, offering an in-depth view of pricing fairness and negotiation tactics specific to the vendor.

Our Process

  • Evaluate client needs including technical and commercial terms.
  • Custom Report Deal IQ leverages insider knowledge & historical market insights to create a detailed custom report. Fee applies.
  • Vendor Negotiation The Real-Time Benchmarking process takes between 2-8 days to complete. Armed with this insight, clients can further negotiate with the vendor.
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RFP Management

At Deal IQ, we streamline the complex RFP creation and management process to ensure successful vendor procurement or enhance the effectiveness of existing partnerships. Our efficient, results-driven approach makes the RFP journey seamless.

Our Process

  • Intake analysis – conducted to understand functionality and budget requirements.
  • RFP development – we provide a comprehensive RFP defining all technical and business needs up front.
  • RFP Publishing – Deal IQ suggests vendors to include, publishes the RFP once the client approves, and manages  initial vendor communications.
  • Vendor Comparison Analysis – using a list of pre-determined ranking criteria, we provide a vendor analysis to aid the client in selecting the best vendor. Fee-based service. Process duration: 8-12 weeks to complete.

Licensing Optimization

Dealing with complex licensing models can be challenging. At Deal IQ, our licensing experts collaborate with clients to streamline licensing costs while maximizing functionality at the best price.

Our Process

  • Needs Assessment – Assessing key activities and necessary licenses, stress testing bill of materials, and creating optimized licensing scenarios using cutting-edge tools.
  • Strategy – Develop a strategy for bill of sale discounting.
  • Negotiation – we provide clients with accurate data for negotiation, aiming for desired licensing and cost structure. Fee based on savings achieved. Process duration: hours to 3 weeks.
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Important information delivered by the CEO herself

Audit Defense

Software audits can lead to unexpected bills reaching millions. Our expert team ensures fair outcomes through negotiation, starting by validating licensing usage data.

Our Process

  • Validate Data – We assist from the audit’s start, gathering essential data for licensing usage validation.
  • Strategy Development – Our team crafts a strategy for fair pricing, countering the common vendor tactic of turning audits into new sales.
  • Vendor Management – We communicate fair pricing expectations to vendors, achieving favourable outcomes. Our fee is a percentage of the saved amount. Process duration: 1 to 4 weeks.

Telecom Audit & Optimization

Unlock hidden savings in your telecom bills with Deal IQ. Many organizations face errors in their monthly telecom bills, often leading to significant financial losses. Our dedicated team reviews every bill over the past 2 to 3 years, recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients.

Our Process

  • Historical Review – Deal IQ scrutinizes every bill from every carrier in your recent history.
  • Recover Savings – After identifying errors, we advocate for refunds or credits from carriers. Our fee is a percentage of the recovered amount. Process duration: 2 to 9 months.
  • Ongoing Accuracy – Ensure continued accurate billing with Deal IQ’s ongoing Telecom Expense Management service.

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